Saturday, October 4, 2014

Double ended Snowflake Card made with Stampin Up ThinLit Die

Making Double Ended Snowflake ThinLit Card

Card Stock 25 cm x 14 cm  ( 5 ½ in  x 10 in)
 1. Place Thinlit die on bottom of cutting plate facing cutting edge upwards.
2.  Place the cut card stock on top of the thinlit die but threading the no design edge under the cutting edge.  This will stop the card stock from being cut at the other end.
3.  Place 2nd plate on top and roll through Big Shot.
4.  Take card stock off die and turn card stock around to opposite side.  Place card stock on die again with the edge that has snow flake cut, threaded under the die so it will not be cut off.
5.  Fold both inside creases with valley fold and out side creases with mountain fold.
6.  The card is now ready for decorating.
7. Place a piece of the beautiful specialty paper on the snowflake on the thinlit die and place through big shot.
7.  Turn the snow flake around so edges fit into the die and recut so you have a complete snowflake cut out.
8.  Make four of these and Cover each snow flake decorate as liked.
9.  I have used the emblishments that go with the Framelit.  As cut in glitter that look so beautiful.
10.   I have cut two panels to go on centre inside and centre back in Soft Sky Card Stock 13.2cm x 5 cm ( 5 1/8” x 2”)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mini Albums Oh the Fun

Have just completed a Mini Album for a teenager. This was something just for fun and to use up stashes of old bits and pieces that are laying around.
It has been amazing learning about how to layer and bind and use all these wonderful ideas.  The ideas keep flowing into my head and I have decided to take note and write all the inspirations I get down and then put them into practise.
Flowers play an important part in my art forms so flowers will be a big part of my displays.  I will share with you my first Journal.
This is my cover of my Mini Album because it is the first of this type I have made I will be dedicating it to my four lovely daughters.   Each page has hidden Tags and Photo Matts and Journaling pages.  Know I have finished it.  All my beautiful memories of my girls I am going to enter into this and keep as my first.

This is the first page of the Journal here I have made pockets and flourishes of flowers stick pins and lots of lovely glimmer and glitter.
The cards I made to pop into this pocket were not included in this lot of photo so I shall come back to them later.

It was so much fun making from the cover to cover all the exciting nooks and cranny's for stuffing labels and Journalling pages.  Memories and flowers it was very healing.  I can see there will be many more to make and have fun with.  It was using so many skills that you gain after so many years of paper creating it was just awesome.
Little file tab page with journalling tags and note pieces.  Hand made and shaded flowers beautiful laces and whoo hoo washi tape as well.
These little books would be wonderful as Wedding Memories, Baby Albums the list goes on and on. I have already made a list of 100's of types of things you can add to make this little book interesting.

Book Marks made with Scalloped Circles brads and feathers .  I just had so much fun and I am sure I will be showing you a lot more in the future.

Pages with mirrors and frames and Butterflies and Birds.  Glitz and pearls all things girly and beautiful.  With this one I used  just bits and pieces I had but will be know thinking about all of my Stampin Up Stuff I can make this wonderful past times with.
Sponging and daubing making all your emblishments and just having so much fun.
Come and join me for a class.
lots of love Carolyn

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hip Hip Hoorah for Stampin Up

Some of our fabulous card kits to have handy.  Just to rush up a card for a birthday or to say thanks a million.

These are such a fabulous set to have handy and very masculine too.  Our other Stamp set complete is more girly but beautifully boxed and ready as a gift for that crafty person you do not know what to buy for a gift.

These cards I have used artistic license and  other stamp sets to make just a little different but it is lovely to have stamps pads and card stock all I need to create something quick easy and fabulous.

Used the Open sea set for this particular card to make it more manly.
Hope you like these little experiments.  Look forward to the coming summer so the sea is in my mind.
Have a wonderful week.
love Carolyn

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wedding Poem Framed with Stampin Up Fancy Flower Punch Roses

Karenne's Poem for her sons Wedding is just so beautiful.  Even though I have chosen different papers this has been made as a Commission.  The Roses have all been made out of the Fancy Flower Punch.
The Poem is just so beautiful, but that is Karenne's to keep.  This has been typed on Vellum with an Olive Green Ink.  I have extended the A4 Specialty Paper by adding a margin down the side under the Vellum Sheet.
Thank you Karene for trusting me with your precious words.
love to all
Our winter has turned into Spring and the sun is dancing in the Sky
Have a wonderful week.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tissue Box Holder

Blackberry Bliss what a delight  with a beautiful Melon Mambo Daisy on the  Tissue Box cover.  A lovely way to give a sweet gift and make it so pretty. Also cheer up the dear sweet person with a head cold.
Just what we may need for the winter colds to hide those tissues away in your Hand Bag.  The beautiful Melon Mambo Tissue Flower was made with the Fringing Scissors and after the Daisy was made I then dyed it with our little spritzer spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of Melon Mambo and water.
It just looks so pretty and the daisy is so soft and sweet.
A couple of leaves wither side and a pretty label finishes the box up.

All I used was a sheet of Blackberry Bliss card stock
Four Sheets of Tissue Paper some pointy nosed Tweezers, to roll the flower up.  The flower also feels so soft.  Before I add the flower to the box I like to make sure it is dry so I leave it in the open air to dry.
It usually takes about 24 Hours.  If you place it on the box before properly dry  it will also fluff up beautifully if you brush the daisy petals up.
This beautiful pink was the colour that my sweet daughter use to love.  So any where I see this gorgeous pink colour I have beautiful Memories of Lizzie.
Happy Crafting.
If you would like this pattern please do not hesitate to email me.
love Carolyn
Have a lovely week crafting.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Taste of Aussie in Stampin Up

My Favorite Card using some of our wonderful retired dies and the Butterfly Punch.  Quite a lot of this card has been quilled so I have used my own Licence here but in the making of this card all the stamp sets I have used, are current.
I love our Australian Native plants they fill me with delight and create that sense of well being within.  The eucalyptus which fills our air is refreshing and such an amazing healer as well.
The beauty and the scent of our bushlands  fill me with a sense of well being and gives me a great pride in our Australian Heritage.
On this Card I have used all Current Stamp Sets.  The beautiful Daffodil colouring brightens and brings the Spring into the air.  Which also represents our delightful Wattle Flower.

This is the Cover / Sleeve which the card slips into easily.  I do not make this until I have finished the main centre of the card as I need to use the main section for the depth of the sleeve so the card sits comfortably into it.
I do have the Handkerchief / Napkin Card in my tutorial on this site.
Enjoy the beauty of Australian Bushlands.
Have a wonderful week.
love Carolyn

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cutie Card for Baxters 1st Birthday

 My littlest grandsons 1st Birthday on Saturday.  The card I made was cased from one I had seen from Convention. Thank you Helen McEwen. Oh so cute.

 Sorry Baxter your Banner Photo did not come out too good but I thought it needed a place in this post.
 Last of all all the little pop cakes I made for the little ones.  All went down a treat.
Happy Birthday to our littlest sweet heart.
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